(Nathaniel A. Villanueva)

Last April 23, 2010, the 7-member MISFI and SALTRD team visited Sitio Cogonon, Salvacion, Trento, Agusan del Sur to monitor its projects there namely; the adjoined School Building and Wellness Center, Rice-Corn Mill, Corn Sheller, Warehouse and Water System Development.

The team of Pastor Leve laurente, Grison Guinocor, Milagros Tan, Homeira Morales, Eduardo Rosauro and MSU students/interns Abdul Gaffar Zacaria and Honey Marie Tulin inspected the adjoined school building and wellness center built by MISFI 2008 and updated the community profile, particularly of its pre-schoolers. Afterwards, the team visited the water system project, Rice-Corn Mill, Corn Sheller and Warehouse.

The team also facilitated the meeting and assessment of the People’s Organization of the community that manages the projects in the area, particularly on its financial management and over-all caretaking of the machineries. The team also made an ocular visit of the water reservoir and faucets and made the necessary troubleshooting.

The team then updated the community’s profile and monitored the progress of its pre-schoolers as assisted by the community-based teacher of the community in preparation for this year’s school opening.

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