Programs & Services

1. Project Development

MIPC responds to the needs of the people especially in the hinterland communities by way of capability building and developing their capacity to overcome vulnerabilities in times of disasters. Part of such component was the  2-year-   EU-funded ACTION REPAIR project last 2007 to 2009.

2. Community Education Program

MIPC also responds to the educational needs  in the hinterlands by preparing the children with basic educational tools right in their own communities where they are at ease and cost saving for them. The program utilizes indigenous materials and methods to suit the students. So far, 32  Moro and Indigenous schools from pre-school to High School in the name of MISFI ACADEMY are privileged of such unique education module. The schools are also recognized by the Department of Education.

3. Interfaith Trialogue, Partnership and Cooperation

MIPC holds interfaith trialogue to promote solidarity, cooperation and mutual support for the tri-peoples’ aspiration. Through fora, symposia, interfaith celebration and prayer, and workshops, MIPC hopes to promote active awareness on generations-old animosities in Mindanao and a clear understanding of the Lumad and Moro rights to self-determination.

4. Solidarity Exposure and Education in Mindanao (SEE Mindanao)

MIPC invites and accommodates friends abroad who are interested to experience the lives of Mindanao’s tri-people poor. The program seeks to project Mindanao issues and concerns by immersion in the area. The program also organizes itinerary of Mindanao social landscape and offer a better understanding of prevailing issues that affect Mindanao like the Moro conflict, the backward, feudalistic Mindanao agriculture, and the genome project affecting the Lumads.

5. Information Technology Services for the People

MIPC promotes access and strengthens the cooperative relations especially with the global media by gathering data, studies, researches and other pressing issues on local situation and events and disseminating it for international projection, while publishing other educational and campaign materials for wider dissemination and support.

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